Hello my fellow bloggers!! Today I’ve been challenged to quote by Lisa who’s a wonderful blogger & who blogs at ALL ABOUT LIFE! I thank her from the bottom of my heart! Thanks a lot dear! The 3.2.1 Quote Me! Challenge was created by Rory from A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip! (who blogs in an “entertaining fashion” about… Continue reading 3.2.1. QUOTE ME! CHALLENGE!!!

It all started with a lolly- 3!!!

it all started with a lolly part 2! This addiction ,buddies, one day would be the death of her!  Urge, to eat sweets,  urge, to drop the determination, urge to continue her obsession, Was the urge caused by her addiction!   This addiction was hell! She was getting depressed! Adding fire to this depression were… Continue reading It all started with a lolly- 3!!!

It all started with a lolly!! [shot~2]

helloooo everyone out there! here's the part 2! for the one's who are reading this directly without reading the first part then let me tell you buddies , you won't understand this! so i kindly request you to first read the first part and then go with this one! enjoy! 😀 😀 😀 😀 :D… Continue reading It all started with a lolly!! [shot~2]

It all started with a lolly!!

Hey wassup?? It’s been long since I’ve written something! This story has been  popping up in my mind for many days so thought to pen it down!! It’s sorta short story! I’ve decided to write it in few parts! Hope you all like it!! Fingers crossed 🙂 so let us begin!   Okay…. So we… Continue reading It all started with a lolly!!

Such a BESTFRIEND!! [a poetry work]

  I started walking in rain with my broken heart, None bothered when I broke apart. None bothered to know my fears, Only the rain differentiated, the water and my tears! In a lone walk in the rain, With a self talk of pain…. Along with cool water droplets, Falls the soothing pat to reduce… Continue reading Such a BESTFRIEND!! [a poetry work]


Hey everyone! These days I ‘ve been getting a lot of awards…and few days ago my dear sis Sana Mahin nominated me for this award…I’m really grateful to her that she found me worthy of it…she is herself a mindblowing blogger…she write poems, short stories, inspirational quotes and I think all types of genres!! ;)… Continue reading The SUNSHINE BLOGGER Award-2!!!