Our grandma’s house is where we met,

there itself we turned from cousins to first bestfriends.

We cousins always used to meet during holidays,

We used to make our whole house dance in craze.

We woke up early to see Popeye the sailor man,

Then get fresh up within 5 minutes or less than.

we had tea, sitting in a row in our living room,

we never left a chance to show tantrums while eating legume.

Terrace of our home was our second home,

On the name of  walking we moved out of the home  just to roam.

During afternoons we played indoor games while in evening sports,

We did everything even that which was not in our comfort.

Carrom is a game of four players but we played with eight,

One would definitely cheat in the game if others concentrate.

Everybody together played in mud and made mud pies,

We did many mischiefs  but never had fights.

we played hide n seek, four chits, badminton and cricket,

we played  every damn game like a posh tournament.

We celebrated every holiday as a festival,

And when real festival arrived we enjoyed double.

we watched sports, tv series, cartoons all together,

to enjoy we just need a place to gather.

Our granny’s home turns into heaven when we all meet,

We never leave any work incomplete.

Maybe we live miles apart,

We’re close by heart.

Whenever we meet, for everybody it’s a treat,

we all are like, if one is heart the other is it’s beat.

We’re always together,

We’re one of a kind.

Three words describe us,

i.e, partners in crime!

If one is moon then others are night,

Mere presence of cousins make everything bright.

if one gets hurt the other aids,

mere absence of cousins make everything shade.

One’s mother is other’s aunt and one’s dad is other’s uncle,

Other than ourselves if anyone teases we won’t be gentle.



it’s a tribute to all my elder and younger cousins.




Add yours

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